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C D Norman

Christopher Devaraj Norman was born in July 1922 in Madurai, in what was once Madras Presidency. Educated in Ramnad, the seat of Sethupathis and in Madurai, his early youth was somewhat unsettled. He served two departments in the Central Government, studied at Indian Institute of Sugar Technology in Kanpur, worked as a chemist in sugar factories in Tamil Nadu and Andhra, served a few years in the Indian army during the Second World War and finally settled as a teacher in high schools in Madurai and Bombay. He was a successful teacher of Physics, respected and beloved of his students.   He had no intention of writing poems in English but he accidentally stumbled into writing one which triggered further attempts to write more.

His poems have appeared in “Youth Times” (now defunct), Woman’s Era and of late in the Anthology of poems by Indian writers, “The Dance of the Peacock”. He is now ninety two plus and is under the protective care of his loving children.

:  chrisraj.norman@gmail.com
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Issue: Vol 1 Issue 1
Publication Year: 2014