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Dr. Madhumita Ghosh

Professor Dr. Madhumita Ghosh is also a poet and editor of Poetry anthologies. She has been teaching English Poetry for the last 25 years and writing for about 10 years. Her poems have been widely published in print, e-books, journals and magazines all over the world, in places like Canada, UK, Ghana, Bangladesh and India. 

She has featured in more than 20 national and international anthologies and has edited six poetry books so far, two of which feature such stalwarts as APJ Abdul Kalam, Ruskin Bond and Gulzar among many other illustrious poets and has written Forewords for several poetry anthologies. 

She has authored four poetry books titled For All You Lovely People, Pebbles On The Shore, Flowing with the River and My Poetry My Voice, and also William Blake; A Prophet for Mankind, a critical study on the British poet.  Her poetry is essentially urban, while nonetheless showing a deep love for Nature, and the urban soul's angst and agony at being far removed from the beauty and love of Nature. 

She may be contacted at madhumita301@gmail.com

:  madhumita301@gmail.com
:  https://www.cyberwit.net/authors/professor-dr-madhumita-ghosh